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Learning Center

Learning Center

Learning Center provides students of National Don Hwa University with a comprehensive learning environment. This academic support service is aimed at providing appropriate aids to students who require academic assistances so that they may successfully complete their educational programs and achieve their goals.

Learning Center helps students realize the most effective learning paths through knowing:
1. themselves,
2. their learning capabilities,
3. their motivations to learn and the interests in and knowledge of the subject,
4. their desire to learn.


Learning Support Center is structured with four different work projects:
1. Tutoring Services:
 ● Offer peer tutoring, which provides extra guidance in additional to the class instruction in many subjects.
 ● Train and enable the students to help their peers. Tutors are successful and accomplished students, who understand the
           appropriate styles and skills of learning, which are necessary to succeed in college.
2. Career Counseling:
 ● Design and assess life planning, which can help students get specific aspects and visions of their future career.
3. Courses and Workshops
 ● Provide courses and workshops on study skills with a broad spectrum of subjects, including time management, memory
           skills, test taking skills, listening skills, note-taking skills, textbook reading skills, and learning styles.
4. e-Style Learning Support:
● Provide varieties of learning strategies in the Website.
● Publish the e-paper.
● Encourage students to use the e-system of Student Learning Record Portfolio.